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2022-10-27 17:51:18
Bêta 3.0

2018-12-19 11:07:05
Bêta 2.53

2017-06-15 14:24:50
Interface ELM

2016-11-10 16:45:31
Connexions "lentes"


Software problems

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Problems encountered in use of the software.

Items Rating Hits
COM port issues with W8   75573
I cannot connect to the ELM interface or to the vehicle!   75292
Can I try OBDuCAN for free?   74391
How to install OBDuCAN on W8?   73353
How to uninstall the OBDuCAN licence from your computer?   73317
How to get help?   72212
Activate the LOG file   66650
It is impossible to join the interface!   66449
My license code is invalid   65907
What distinguishes OBDuCAN kit from the other products sold on the internet?   65896
It is impossible to connect to the vehicle!   65664

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