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Activate the LOG file

Date added:
Friday, 23 June 2017
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Friday, 30 June 2017
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If you meet some functioning issues with the OBDuCAN software, you can send us a log file for us to solve the problem.

To generate this file you just have to reach the preferences panel (menu : OBD Interface->Preferences...->OBD Interface) and to tick the Log on the communications option box. By default, the file is named Trace.log and is in the file folder.


Création fichier LOG


Then, you can open the log file with any Windows® text-editor. You just have to use the Maj+Control keyboard buttons and to click at the same time on Search button.

Open file log

Caution before sending us your log file do not forget to provoke once again the problem for which you wish to get some help! To do that we advise you to reboot OBDuCAN and then to try twice the software before sending us the log file.


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